1. Name. NIRI – Los Angeles (hereafter referred to as "Chapter") is a non-profit professional organization functioning as a regional division of the National Investor Relations Institute ("NIRI").
  2. Territory and Location. The Chapter will operate and serve members within the territory approved by NIRI, and its Principal Office will be located in such place as determined by the Chapter's Board of Directors.
  3. Purposes. The Chapter shall promote the common interests of individuals engaged in the profession of investor relations ("IR") - including IR education, career advancement and peer group communication - and to recognize and support the objectives of the National Investor Relations Institute. Such objectives, code of ethics, and other standards established by the National Institute shall be supported and adhered to by the Chapter. All provisions of the NIRI national by-laws and policies shall govern the conduct of the Chapter, unless otherwise stated specifically in these by-laws.
  4. Restrictions. All policies and activities of the Chapter are consistent with:
    1. Applicable federal, state and local antitrust, trade regulation or other requirements; and
    2. Applicable to tax-exemption requirements imposed on NIRI, including the requirements that the Chapter be organized for profit and that no part of its net earnings inure to the benefit of any private individual.

Revised 4/22/08

As of March 2019